Chill Zone Schedule

Chill Zone sessions happen every Thursday from 1:00-3:00 pm.       


May 28 - Hollywood Boulevard

Dress like a Movie Star and let's talk about our favourite actors and actresses, and movies. We were born to shine!



June 4 - Under the Sea

The ocean is vast and holds many wonders.

  • Dress as, or bring photos of, your favourite undersea creatures.
  • Bring interesting facts and or video clips of fascinating under the sea creatures to share.
Let's dive deep into the mysteries of the ocean and all that it holds!


June 11 - Card Sharks

Do you have a favourite card game you like to play? You can share it with everyone and we can play it online together here If you don't want to play online, you can bring your own cards and we can practice making card towers =)


June 18 - Campfire

Campfire is a great way to hangout with friends! If you can't sit around an actual campfire, get creative and see what you can make at home (careful if you plan to use real candles ;P).

  • Bring your favourite campfire songs and stories

Let's pretend we're camping in the woods. Don't forget the marshmallows!


June 25 - Animal Kingdom

We all have a wild side that needs to come out and frolic. 

  • Dress up as, or bring photos of, your favourite animals.
  • Bring any fun nature treasures or interesting animal facts you may have, to share with the group.
Astrid will be joining us to share all the exciting finds she has in her nature museum. Let's get wild!